Website Questionnaire

Already know what you need in your new site? Fill out the following questionnaire and we should be able to give you a close estimate.

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Website Questions 1. What are your goals?

In other words, what is the "One Main Thing" you want your site to do?

2. What do you want your website to look like?

Please give 3-4 websites you like and explain what you like about each of them.

3. How soon do you want it completed and online? 4. Do you have a budget?

If so, what is your budget for getting the website On-line? Why do we ask? Each component has a set cost. When we have a good idea what you need we will taylor the project to fit your budget. I we feel there is a piece you need that doesn't fit in your budger we will discuss that with you.

5. Are most of your customers: Consumer, Commercial, other? 6. How do you plan to promote your website? 7. Do you need assistance in promoting your website? Yes   No 8. Who will be responsible for keeping your new site current? 9. 1 year after completion, what would you consider "A Successful Site"?
How will the success of your new site be measured?
10. Are there any additional special components your site will need?
(Shopping Cart, Photo Gallery, Registration Forms)
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